An introduction to DDF

DDF is a data model for collaborative harmonization of multidimensional statistics.

Let’s break this sentence down.

The universe of DDF

To use DDF effectively, it comes with data formats and a query language.

The model: DDF

As said above, DDF is a data model. It is a system to organize data and to define how pieces of data relate to each other. DDF itself does not specify the format in which the data is stored. It doesn’t matter if it’s stored in csv-files, an SQL database or a document database. In other words: DDF is a conceptual model.

Read about the DDF conceptual model.

The formats: DDFcsv and DDFmongo

However, a conceptual model is not enough for pragmatical use. We need to define how to store DDF-data in the real world, in files, on disks. DDF needs a data format. Two formats have been defined for two different purposes: DDFcsv and DDFmongo.

In the future, it is very well possible that DDF will be represented in other formats for different purposes.

The Query Language: DDFQL

To retrieve data from DDF we have developed the DDF Query Language DDFQL. This query language has a strong likeness to SQL with specific features to support the possibilities of the DDF data model. Read about DDFql